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My day atm

Well Deserved end to the week,don’t have to look at another press release until tuesday at the earliest and no more creepy TOBC system guys,
can just sit in bed and blog this morning which i haven’t done in a long while:

randomly all i could think about how serene today looks with it’s completely white sky and birds chirping in the trees outside the window, there is no other sounds in the house because everyone is either asleep or gone to work, It’s nice to have a day off where you don’t have to put on your waders and wellies or worry about your personal belongings and your own body getting drenched. No you can just stroll about meet a friend for lunch and talk about your birthday and what happened at work.

Never met someone quite as selfish as you,

got a kid at home and a seriously ill girlfriend,

But that’s okay your a bloke,

your meant to get pissed,

Barely with child care,

plan your mates birthday,

then disregard the fact he’s got a important meal with his family,

considering you didn’t even know the date a week ago

little rant i needed to get off my chest,i never thought anyone could be that selfish in my life,tried to look at the good side but he actually doesn’t have one

3D overload

I went onto Coming today,which i haven’t been on in ages,and i couldn’t but help think that Disney/Pixar have just been bitten by the 3D bug i think it has something to do with the Lion King 3D kicking ass at the box office the other week,To be honest i wasn’t surprised it wiped the floor with Abduction i mean if you saw the trailer did your mind just melt with numbness at the fact they are trying to turn Taylor Launtner into the next Tom Cruise,Taylor really should just stick to being tween-age eye candy. I’m not looking forward to Finding Nemo because i try to repress everything to do with that film in the back of my mind anyone from Adeyfield school will know what i’m talking about. Little mermaid and beauty and the beast I loved loved loved when i was a little girl because as cliche as it sounds every little girl wanted to be a princess but i’d rather go for sentimental reasons or to take my younger cousin to. Monsters INC i wasn’t a huge fan of that it had it’s moments but when i think would i watch it again it’s like meh maybe if it was on at Christmas and the little ones are over because it’s a family film best enjoyed as a unit. But honestly I have to say i think Hollywood you need to start churning out some decent films not just upscale to 3D or doing a Reboot/ Remake of everything. Saying that i am looking forward to the Spider-man Reboot but that’s just because the originals were not what i expected so i’m hoping that Marc Webb can do the comic justice,Time will tell though.

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